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All our diamonds are 100% Natural, Earth mined and conflict-free!



    All the design's are available in

    14K & 18K white yellow and rose gold

    Considerations for mounting a heartshaped diamond

    When considering a ring mounting for a heart-shaped diamond, it is important to select a setting that complements the unique shape of the diamond. One recommended setting for a heart-shaped diamond is a three-prong setting that forms a triangle of support for the protruding elements of the cut. Another popular setting is the bezel setting, where the diamond is set in the band with metal surrounding the entire stone, providing added security and protection.

    Choosing the right metal for the setting is another important consideration when mounting a heart-shaped diamond. Platinum is a popular choice for its durability and resistance to tarnishing, while rose gold and white gold offer a classic and timeless look. The two best settings for heart-shaped engagement rings are the bezel setting and the three-prong setting, which provide adequate security and support for the diamond . It is important to select a high-quality diamond to ensure maximum sparkle and brilliance.

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